The missing piece in web conferencing

Take notes, share files, host presentations—all within the browser.

Take personal notes by marking moments of the meeting with flags, notes, or uploading images
Share or assign your marked moments with other participants or members if your organization
Flexible yet reliable privacy controls give you the power to be confident the conversation will be heard by only those with permission
Present PowerPoint™ or other presentations to participants—all within the browser!

Don't throw away the actual conversation

Quit thinking of meetings as disposable. Save the activity with what was said.

Listen to a recording through an easy-to-use audio player
Narrow your review to handy tools like agenda items or presentation slides
Quickly listen to marked moments, like tasks or important topics
Control who has access to the recorded meeting through customizable privacy controls

Never miss an important moment again

Even if you missed the meeting, hear what was discussed.

Filter by notifications, your flags and notes, or an archive of past meetings
Be alerted to moments marked by others and shared with you—it's like an inbox for meeting conversations
Search through meeting keywords and content to find instant results
Maintain focus of important moments shared with you by clearing them from your slate when reviewed

Organize every moment with a simple click

We make it easy to find key conversations in the past.

Easily skim marked moments until you find the one you're looking for
Each marked moment is expandable and linked to the entire meeting for deeper review
Narrow marked moments by a date range
Filtering to specific types of flags and notes is a cinch

We solve the problem of skimming audio

Who wants minutes when all you need are seconds? Quickly hear what matters.

A quick snippet wrapping around the marked moment is a great way to instantly hear what's important—no more hunt and peck!
Get a glimpse of where the active discussion topics when the moment was marked
See all information relating to the marked moment: the author, who it's shared with, and discussion around it